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Un Regard Moderne

Written by Sébastien Hayez, 7 years ago, 1 Comment

When you are a child and in love with books, you can have the dream of a bookshop full of stuff, from the floor to the roof. You can probably dream of an entire place when all the architectural elements are books.

This place exist, somewhere in Paris. A tiny place. When 3 or 4 peoples are inside the shop, nobody else can enter, you have to wait outside, looking at the small window displaying some new arrival.


Un regard Moderne is the place for underground culture, Yves Noel, the boss show a big interest in topics no longer support by mainstream bookshops. From erotica, to comics books, extreme art, underground music, design and architecture. Wait one hour in the shop, you will probably see a young art student with a  xeroxed booklet full of doodles, Mr Noel will buy 2 copies: more than doing an act of generosity, he seems to collect all the production, even if he won’t find any client for this items.


When I was a student, my friends were playing a funny game with the bookseller: ask a book about the most obscur artist or topics. Ask Yves Noel a book about a fetish US photogapher from the 1950′ who was shooting feets or a polish poster designer, he would probably tell you he have an old edition from Japan, just here under this pile of books.

So that’s mainly the problem about Un Regard Moderne: you can stay during one hour at the same place and find more than 20 interesting books, and never be able to have access to a single page because books are just put over other books. During my last trip in Paris, last year, I remember that the shop was smaller than 4 years ago. It seems that walls were larger, that’s wasn’t wall but wall of books. A ladder was used for finding the deepest stuff. And a pile of comics books was falling over my girlfriend (she was pregnant…).

When I first come in the shop, I was asking some hard to find stuff from english illustrator Dave McKean. Yves Noel have several items in hard or soft cover, but when I asked him if he have another item, he looked at me, judging what kind of fan I was. He come back from the back office with another rare item: a set of Tarot cards I always dream to have. This guy maybe concider you have to deserve some article, that’s why in a french interview to a webzine, he say that he never sell his favorite books: he prefer keeping his gems for himself.

Un Regard Moderne
10, rue Gît le Cœur
75006 Paris

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