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Typografische Monatsblätter
Schweizer grafische Mitteilungen
Revue suisse de l’Imprimerie

TM, was and is still a professional magazine focused on printing industry. The covers remains the most striking element of the magazines, the inner contents is mostly review of printing machines & technics, only a 8-12 pages article are focused on graphic design and the creative use of typography.

I’ve already reviewed 5 issues of the year 1968. Herehereherehere and there.

This project was initiated by Louise Paradis, with the guidance of François Rappo and Roland Früh, as part of her Master degree in Art Direction at the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, Switzerland. The project continued with the financial support from ECAL and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

This website is primarily for sharing selective information collected for a research project within the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, on the Typographische Monatsblätter during the years 1960 till 1990. It is a reference tool and searchable database containing material intended for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes such as teaching, research, evaluation and commentary.

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