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The works of Yusaku Kamekura (Nagai, Ogawa, Tanaka & Kamekura, 1983)

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The works of Yusaku Kamekura
Authors: Kazumasa Nagai, Masataka Ogawa, Yusaku Kamekura, Ikkåo Tanaka
January 1983
267 pages
Published by Rikuyosha
Written in japanese (some texts are also in english)
Slipcase, with an handwritten autograph, dedicaced to Luciano Cohen


Left, the book cover printed in black, then the slipcase in full color plus a silver ink.

Slipcase spine with text printed in silver ink (the varnish is fading the shinny effect).



  • Publications Congratulations – Kenzo Tange (texts in Jp & En)
  • In Search of the “roots” of Graphic Design: Yusaku Kamekura’s resolute pursuit – Masataka Ogawa (texts in Jp & En)
  • Works
  • Notes on works (texts in Jp & En)
  • Biographical Story – Kazumasa Nagai
  • Biographical chronology (texts in Jp & En)
  • Afterword – Yusaku Kamekura (texts in Jp & En)
  • Postscript – Ikko Tanaka (texts in Jp & En)

The compilation commitee:

  • Masataka Ogawa
  • Ikko Tanaka
  • Kazumasa Nagai
    • Book design: Ikko Tanaka & Katsuhiro Kinoshita
    • Photograph: Kichisaburo Anzai, Osamu Murai, Yutaka Okada, Tadashi Takamura, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
    • Translation: Don Kenny, Atsuro Setoi



My copy is dedicaced to a certain Luciano Cohen, by Kamekura himslef.

After the succes of the first monography published in 1973, some graphic designers and friends of Kamekura decided to compiled the work of the master in a last book. Most of the content have been published in the previous edition.


Most of the works reproduced, are what is mostly associated with the master of japanese design: abstract posters, Olympic Games identity (Tokyo & Sapporo).

Some identities for corporate brands are also reproduced but in a smaller part than in the first monography.

Signets & logotypes are gathered in a small chapter.

The most recent part of his work deals with magazine covers, like these ones for Graphic design or Idea.

Another big work is many spreads about covers for Ikebana magazines. Cover are patterns made by small illustration simplified in a very beautifull geometric style. The style reminds me Charley Harper.

Last part is text about the master and a conclusion by the master himself.








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