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Rose Noire
n°6 – Suicide (2000)

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Rose Noire n°6 – Suicide
(CD album by Rrupt included)


Composed of:

  • a gatefold slipcase
  • a brochure of a hundred of pages
  • a CD by Rrupt (Industrial music) in its triangular packaging
  • a portfolio of drawings, engravings and painting by international artists of the underground scene
  • a newspaper of industrial-goth scene

The gatefold slipcase is printed in black and gold pantone inks, A4 size printed in heavy un-coated paper.
The Brochure is a A4 size, printed in black and dark brown pantone inks, on both coated and uncoated paper stocks.
The CD packaging is an original triangular shape, printed on the same paper as the brochure, in R/V.
The portfolio is made of 9 sheets of A4 paper printed in black only but in R/V.
The newspaper is printed in dark brown ink only on coated paper. A3 size, folded in its middle.

Texts and pictures are of an hi-quality, in the mood of dark gothic and industrial art.

Artists included:

  • Goran Bertok
  • Alain Margotton
  • Gérard Trignac
  • Françoise Duvivier
  • Sibylle Ruppert
  • Ambre & Lionel Tran
  • Rose Noire
  • Valérie Berge
  • David Chapuis
  • Thomas Foucher

For sale at 25€, post a comment or get in touch via the contact form.


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