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Red cars (David Cronenberg, 2010)

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Red cars
David Cronenberg
Published by Volumina (Italy)
Limited edition of 1000 copies
189 pages
English text with an Italian summary
Aluminium cover
Included is a Ferrari model by Brumm.

Presented at the 62nd Venice Film Festival.
309 copies available
Price: 250 €
ISBN 978-88-901996-8-4

Cronenberg wrote the screenplay of Red Cars immediately after having filmed Crash, he had planned on turning it into a film, but the project was never carried out. However, it came back to life in 2005 in the shape of an “artbook object” that depicts the adventures of the American driver Phil Hill and the German von Trips. The book contains rare photos taken from the Ferrari archives, and represents the “body” of a car: the 156 F1 “sharknose”.

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