Process Visual (Wolfgang Schmittel, ABC Verlag, 1978)

Process Visual
evelopment of a corporate identity

Wolfgang Schmittel
ABC Verlag, Zurich

Text in German, French, and English.
10.25 x 10 hardcover book with dustjacket
204 pages

Wolfgang Schmittel is the author of 3 excellent books, all published by ABC Verlag during the 1970’s & the 1980’s. Process Visual is the second one, we had already reviewed the last one here.

The present book informs us about the development of trade signs & above all about six projects for a unanimous Corporate Identity. It describes the creative process and the proceedings during the development phase leading up to the final results. This enables the reader to gain an insight into the work of the designer. The results obtained were critical work- and information-aid for each one of us who helped to decide on the design perhaps as much as for designer himself.


  • Foreword “corporate personality: making use of the result”
  • Designing a company symbol for the Gilette company
    • work schedule
    • background
    • statement of objective
    • Inventory
    • Draft
    • Narrowing down and selection
    • Execution & composition
    • Colours & their effect
    • Typeface and combinations therof
    • Testing for applicability
    • Realization
  • Brenner’s Park Hotel
    • The generative process of designing
    • The image for a hotel
    • Fundamentals of the theory of signs
    • Pattern of the work phases
    • Phase 1 & 2
    • Phase 3 & 4
    • Development of the sign
    • Development of the logo
    • Examples for the application
    • Designing a menu
    • Designing the wine list
    • Designing the grill-menu
    • Desinging the bar price-list
    • Desinging the conference portfolio
    • Desinging the hotel-brochure
    • Summury
  • The new graphic presentation of Elf
    • Search for a new image for the filing-station network
    • An optical sign: the red spot
    • A style in visual communication: size & ‘visibility’
    • Application at the refineries & on the containers
    • Application to the fleet of vehicules
    • Graphic design at car-races
    • The variety of car-care products
    • Lubricants
    • Identitfication of the distribution network
    • Further development of standardization
    • Ideograph for self-service shop
    • Self-service filing stations
    • The way to a ‘graphical ecology’
    • Towards decorative standardization
    • Amodule station of single units
    • A two-metre-high roof signboard
    • An individual symbol for the elf aviation service
    • The book of standards
  • Gfeller – a direct way to a new image of firm
    • Extract from the ‘proposal for cooperation’
    • Extract from the ‘commentary on the actual situation’
    • Extract from the exposé ‘planned situation: solution & motivation’
    • Comparison of actual & planned situations
    • Combinations of elements
    • Brochures & advertisments for staff
    • Business print matter
    • Buildings – exterior & interior
    • Packaging
    • Industrial-fair stands
    • Means of transport
  • London Electricity Board
    • Advantages of a corporate programme
    • London Electricity Board Proposals for a new corporate identification system
    • Finding of the attitude and pilot survey
    • Specification for new identification system
    • Recommandations
    • Investigations of preferences for and attitudes towards the two suggested corporate identities
  • The symbol of the national airline LanChile
    • Actual situation
    • Catalogue of published symbols of airlines from the whole world
    • Planned solution
    • Registre of ideas
    • The concept of colour
    • Selection of ideas
    • Condor star 1
    • Condor star 2
    • Traffic symbol
    • Floral symbol
    • Floral symbol: copihue
    • ‘Turbine’
    • ‘upwards’ symbol
    • Summuray

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