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Political & social posters
of Switzerland (Willy Rotzler & Karl Wobmann, ABC verlag, 1985)

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Political & social posters of Switzerland
Willy Rotzler & Karl Wobmann
ABC verlag

Text in German, French, and English.
25 x 25,5 cm
156 pages

200 posters


  • The poster as envoy
  • Insurance for the Elderly and Bereaved
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Shorter Working Hours
  • Atomic defense
  • First of May
  • Winter Aid
  • For the Old
  • Aid for the refugees
  • The Red Cross
  • Pro Infirmis
  • Pro Juventute
  • Aid for Children
  • International Aid Appeals
  • Protection of Nature and Wildlife
  • Protection for the Environnment
  • Campaign against Drug Abuse

One of the late book published by ABC Verlag, and probably one of the easiest to find, is a good collection of posters. Like the first books of the 1960, ABC Verlag deals with Helvetica, it means with the swiss culture and background. After the swiss official graphic art, the design identity of Zurich, the swiss industrial & chemistrial communication, this book focused on the political & social posters.

From the early XXIth century to the early 1980’s, the authors share a deep part of the book on rare and old swiss posters who creates the main visual culture for this complex country (3 languages and various cultures). So the contempory reader and graphic designer can regrets to see so few international style poster, build on geometry and minimal use of color. Well illustration remains one of the most direct tool to communicate with topic like help for the refugees or the elder.

It appear that for the political part use more of what we can concider now as International style.

The best part of the book is for me, the chapter about Winterhilfe, this swiss association help people during the winter season. Between the 1950’s to the early 1980’s, the production was one of the great example of swiss radicaly and beauty.

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More than 5 copies could be found, price are between 23 euros to 102US$. You can send a message if you want some informations.

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