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Plexus (1966-1970)

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Plexus is a bimonthly French magazine dedicated to humor and erotism appeared in the late 1960s. It was another production of Editions Retz Louis Pauwels, the same team as the magazine Planet. The first issue appear in April-May 1966. It ceased publication in June 1970, after thirty-six numbers.

Planet contained a section devoted to erotic art and literature. Of its success, the editions Retz created in 1966 the journal Plexus, with the subtitle: “The uninhibited magazine”. Plexus is censored in 1967, its sale is prohibited to minors for his pornographic content.

Alex Grall was the Director of Plexus at the beginning of the publication. Then Louis Pauwels took over. And then Jacques Mousseau was responsible for the rest of the release. Pierre Chapelot was the art director of the journal. The editorial team included Guy Breton, Jean Chouquet, Lo Duca, Jacques Sternberg.

The literary editor of Plexus was Jacques Sternberg. The magazine contained news of science-fiction, historical and philosophical articles and a series of erotic photographs and works of art, for example, pin up of Leonor Fini. There was also the comic strip Popeye.

Prices are between 5 to 25 euros per issue. If your are lucky enough, you can buy the complet set for 30 euros on ebay.

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