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NEST a quarterly of interiors – summer 2003

Written by Loïc Boyer, 6 years ago, 0 Comments
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n°21: the new decrepitude

  • 227 mm x 276 mm
  • Softcover
  • English text + Japanese / French / Italian digest
  • Art director & editor in chief: Joseph Holzman
  • 170 pages

A definition of this defunct magazine could be something like: (Monocle + Apartamento) x baroque fanzine = Nest, but the truth is more complex.

A one-man publication, these 26 issues were mainly the creation of Joseph Holtzman’s brain who lost aroud 5 million $ to entertain us. Extremely rich, he could easily have lost more, but he wanted to stop before he got bored.

He did almost everything aboard, with a little crew in a NY flat, designing these crazy spreads for years. The ever-changing layout reflected J.H.’s own taste for maximalism, patterns, and anything uncommon but with a strong identity. In this sense there is a perfect balance between form and content.

Nest also had a small range of decoration products and weird offers like a subscription discount for readers over 35 – based on your promise only. It could have a hole in it or a non-rectangle shape (like this one) or even a gift like a specially commissioned CD by DJ Spooky.

Yes, Nest was an UFO in the print world and it’s now gone as J.H. found other toys to play with.

After a quick search I only found one issue for 50 $ on eBay, but most of the issues published could be found for a price between 15 to 65US$.

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Loïc is a freelance designer based in Orléans (France). He's always keen on old printed stuff as we all are, and is the founder of Cligne Cligne Magazine, a bilingual webzine about the most beautiful books for children.

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