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  • to the coral sea

  • Some pages were displayed to sink into the system

  • ...

  • to the icebergs in the north pole...

  • From the quiet sea...

  • Liberté : a Paul Elurad poem, illustrated into a leporello book

  • Oceano : studies and rought into a notebook

  • Studies for Tip-Tap

  • Tip Tap studies in a notebook

  • A new project done with 90 children of 4 different school. Each character is placed into an interactive game.

  • Oceano will be released on the end of april 2013

  • Oceano : every double spread page deals with the same system to show over and under the sea.

  • Some small murals decorations

  • (murals pictures taken by my boy, a 4 years old kid)

  • Oceano

  • Oceano

  • Oceano

  • Oceano : various element before putting everything together

  • Oceano : studies on Moleskine notebook

  • La forêt du paresseux : here in a gigantic popup scenography

  • La forêt du paresseux :

  • A gigantic Popville flip book

  • ... one month work to set-up

  • First researsh for Popville

Mouv’ ton pop (move
your pop-up book, L. Rigaud & A. Boisrobert, 2013)

Written by Sébastien Hayez, 5 years ago, 0 Comments

La fête du livre de Villeurbanne (near Lyon, France) is getting bigger and better every year. This fair is focusing into children books, and this year, 2 young authors and illustrators are invited to show their work.

Annouck Boisrobert & Louis Rigaud start working together when they met each other at Les Arts décoratifs in Strasbourg, France. They signed in 2009, just after finishing schools Popville, a first book, a pop-up book, telling the story of a city, from a tiny small house to a gigantic metropolis. They have now, published an handfull of book. A good oportunity to see this exhibition…

The exhibition will be opened till the end of the fair, so, you have one week more. More informations here.

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