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Modern Publicity was an annual published since 1930. During the beginning of the 1980th it was renamed World Advertising Review.

The first publisher were Mercer Frank A. (1941-1958), Moody Ella (1959-1966), Wilfrid Walter, Felix Gluck (1967-1978), Philip Kleinman (1982 – 1991).
The annual appear in the U.K., at the same time as the Gebrauchgraphik magazine in Germany. The two points of view were quite different, when the german issue were mostly focused on art-deco, jugenstil or other design trend, the U.K. annual spend more time with functionnalism and the new-born modernism.

I don’t try to give you an analysis of the layout, I just have a look at a 1977 annual. Anyway, compared to another great annual ressource, Modern Publicity appear to be very confusing compared to the Graphis annuals of the same period. The size is smaller (10.9 x 8.5 inches) and the pictures are sometime quite tiny to appreciate fully the creation.

Anyway it’s an important publication, Graphis start his annual in 1952, when Modern Publicity appear since 1930!

Click on the thumbnails to view full size.

Pictures are taken from a complet google search, from ebay seller and other bookstore or flickr account (Insect54, Unit Edition). If your picture is not credited, write an email.

Annual can be found very easily, the standard price is around 30 to 50 US$.
You can send a message if you want some informations.

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  1. peacayJanuary 31, 2014, 7:27 am

    I have a newish brother-in-law for whom I have great respect, not least reason being because he is a dabbler in the rare books trade and has quite an esoteric collection from which he keeps plying me with amazing samples from time to time. This week’s prize is the first edition ‘Modern Publicity 1930’ – hence my search brought me to your fine post. Although the covers and spine are a little worse for wear, the 170+pp inside are chock full of fabulous Art Deco advertising gems and design logos. I guess a lot of it is available in other guises/publications/formats, but I might see if I can get some scans of the magazine without further damaging the spine and I’ll put up a post in the near future.
    Thanks for the background info!

  1. Empaques Vintage | Cherry BlogAugust 31, 2011, 7:33 pm

    […] es una verdadera joya del diseño y la publicidad cincuentona extraída del libro número 22 del Modern Publicity 1952-1953, les dejo algunos empaques que hoy por hoy al igual que muchos de sus creadores son considerados […]

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