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Little red riding hood (Warja Lavater, 1965)

Written by Sébastien Hayez, 8 years ago, 6 Comments
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Little red riding hood (Warja Lavater, 1965)

Maeght éditeur, Paris
474 x 16 cm

First in a series of adaptations of the tales of Perrault and Grimm brothers, the book-object represents a further step in the appropriation by artists of fairy tales. A real challenge for the tale from the oral tradition, the book has no text except the captions. Characters, backgrounds and actions are symbolized by dots of color in a process that tends to abstraction. It offers continuous playback on a single page of 4.74 meters, which can capture all the intrigue of a glance.

Every book from the collection are introduced by a caption giving the main keys for “reading” the tale. This abstract work is opening children’s imagination opening the creative power.

Maeght éditeur, is also one of the most famous french art gallery:

The first Gallery Maeght was open in 1936 in Cannes, then  another one was inaugurated in Paris in 1946.
The most important international artists will be exposed, French ones like : Braque, Matisse or Leger, Spanish ones as: Miro, Tapies and Chillida, Russian as: Chagall and Kandinsky, Americans like Kelly or Calder and Swiss as Giacometti, but also artists from all Europe and Asia like : Bram Van Velde, Tapiès, Ubac, Tal-Coat, Bazaine, Chillida, Riopelle, Alechinsky, Rebeyrolle, Adami, Monory, Ting.



the mother, the little red riding hood, the grandma, the forest, the wolf, the house, the hunter, the bed.




One copie of the first edition is avaible for 100 euros, but many other books (first edition) can be found between 42 to 1442 euros (for the complete set of 6 volumes). Send a message if you want more information about this book.

Anyway, Maeght is always publishing new edition of Lavater’s books in lithography for 42,65 euros.


6 short animated films have been produced from Lavater’s book. That’s was my first contact with her work, the shorts are quite interesting but could be boring after several minutes. The design is so minimalistic, using a dotted grid, that there’s no poetry. The movie looks like a diagram, interesting in a way but it’s not the purpose of the tale. Also the animation is very poor, similar to a basic flash animation.

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  1. Simona D'ambrosiSeptember 25, 2010, 11:23 pm

    I’m looking for the retelling of 6 fary tales by Charles Perrault and Warja Lavater:
    1 Le petit Poucet
    2 Blanche Neige
    3 Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
    4 La Fable du Hasard
    5 La Belle au Bois dormant
    6 Cendrillon

    All volumes in box slipcase or individually published by A. Maeght

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