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Le Livre
de la santé 18

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Le Livre de la santé 18 – 1968

Hardback with dustjacket

175 x 275 mm

157 pages
Art direction by Peter Knapp
Typeset in Times 10-12 by Desclée (Tournai)
Published by Les Éditions Rencontre (Lausanne)
Printed by Officine Grafiche Arnoldo Mondadori (Verone)
French text


Do you sometimes dream of book, a very special book, where you could come across the pictures of some of the most interesting graphic artists of the XXth century? You know, people like like André François, alongside with Roland Topor, Jean Alessandrini, or even Roman Cieslewicz. As you’re and open-minded person, you’d be glad to have along those pages a few artist with a more, er, experimental practice, like Marie-Rose Lortet or Miralda. Some hi-class photographs and infographics would be a plus. Of course the book would be very nicely designed by a big name like Peter Knapp for instance. And, last but not least, it would talk about surgery and feature bloody pictures of organs because it is so cool!

  1. Michael StollOctober 29, 2012, 9:10 pm

    hi there, this is a wonderful book. and its a part of a whole series. i do have the whole series. but didn’t publish it yet. all volumes are full of wonderful infographics.

  2. Sébastien HayezOctober 29, 2012, 9:50 pm

    THanks professor! We are keeping an eye on your publications in order to see more.

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