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Karl Wobmann (1925-)

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Born at Malters, Lucerne, in 1925.

Completed primary and secondary education in Zurich.
Four year apprenticeship as bookbinder in a craft bindery in Zurich.
Many years in management in a large printing company.

Since 1971, responsible for the poster collection at the Zurich Museum of Arts & Crafts (Kunstgewerbemuseum), and closely concerned with its composition and extension.
With more than 150,000 exhibits, the collection is the biggest in the world.
Karl Wobmann’s comprehensive knowledge of poster creation and archiving, and his personnal contacts with a large number of posters designers, artists and collectors, have made him internationnaly known. He has collaborated on many poster exhibitions.
Various specialized publiations, including:

1974: Cultural Posters of Switzerland
1980: Tourist posters of Switzerland
1982: Swiss hotel posters
1983: Swiss Sport Posters (ABC Verlag)

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