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Karl Gerstner (1930-)

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Karl Gerstner

Born 2-7-1930 in Basle, Switzerland.

Typographer, graphic designer, painter

1945-46: preparatory course at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule in Basle.

1946-49: trains at Fritz Büler’s studio in Basle.

1949-52: freelance graphic designer.

1953-59: opens his own studio in Basle. Designs the graphics for geigy’s 200-years jubilee.

1955-56: sits in on Hans Finler’s photographic classes in Zurich.

1957: is awarded a gold medal at the Triennale in Milan.

1959: founds the Gerstner+Kutter agency (with markus Kutter) in Basle. Clients include Citroën, Holzäpfel AG and Bech Eletronic Center.

1962: the agency expands to include Paul Gredinger and its renamed Gerstner, Gredinger, Kutter (GGK). Clients include Swissair, Volkswagen, IBM, Jägermeister and Burda.

1970: Gerstner leaves the executive management of GGK in order to devote himself entirely to his art. Since 1957: numerous exhibitions fo free and applied design.

Gerstner Programm (1967)
Gerstner Original (1987).

Publications include:
Kalte Kunst?, Teufen 1957
Die neue graphik, Teufen 1959
Programme entwerfen, Teufen 1964
Do-it-yourself-Kunst, Cologne 1970
Kompendium für Alphabeten, Teufen 1972
Typographisches Memorandum, St. Gallen 1972
Der Geist der farbe, Stuttgart 1981
Die Formen der Farbe, Frankfurt am Main 1986

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