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Jérome Peignot (1926-)

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Jérôme Peignot si the son of Charles Peignot, the french typographer who published the first art-deco types designed by Cassandre and later worked with a young swiss typographer called Adrian Frutiger. I’m not sure but none of his books have been published out of France. What I really like is his sens of humor, his high sens of history and the his easy-reading style full of simplicity. Here’s a translation of his biography. This “touche à tout”: he’s working on all the aspect of letters, from types, to script, numbers, writing novels, essays & studies. Also producing ,some radio show about films and theatre plays. Here’s the complete bibliography.

A complete biography can be found via the french wikipedia.


  • 1981-1991. University of Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne). Lecturer.


  • 1972-1983. France Culture. Producer of literary and philosophical issues. “The paths of knowledge”, “magnetic Nights,” “The matinee. 1961-1964. France Inter. Co-producer and co-director of the program “Le masque & la plume (mask & feather).”
  • 1963-1967. Editions Denoel. Player then editor: “The post of Amelie,” “The friends of your childhood.”
  • 1950-1963. Reader’s Digest. Manufacturing service and editor.
  • 1948-1949. Editions Dunod Publishing and graphic arts and crafts. Manufacturing Services

Journalism literary, artistic

  • 1960-2001. Journal Communication and Languages. Twenty articles
  • 1960-2001. Paris correspondent of The Gazette de Lausanne.
  • 1960-2001. Many articles in Connaissance des Arts, Opus International, the NRF, the Mercure de France, Cahiers du Sud, Cahiers des Saisons, Spirit, The Eye, Vogue, Obliques (ten articles), New World, the Parisienne Le Monde, the Observer, Combat.

Conferences on writing

  • 1960-2005. Art schools, universities in France and abroad (Greece, Germany, Quebec, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland)

Institutional activity

  • 1993. Ministry of Education. Special adviser to the Minister, Jack Lang. Theme from Mission: Writing, calligraphy, typography: conservation of lead, lead transfer to computers, teaching writing, in every sense of the term, both at university schools of ‘s. …
  • 1981. Member of the Interministerial Commission on graphic design and typography at the Ministry of Culture.
  • 1981. Member of the Center for Studies and Research typographical National Printing composed of representatives of National Education, Industry and Culture.
  • 1968. Member of 1 Committee functioning of the Union of Writers.


  • 1972. Chairman of the Front of visual artists
  • 1972. Defense workers from shipyards in Dunkirk. This action resulted in the publication of a book Class Struggle in Dunkirk. Ed. Galileo
  • 1971-1976. Create an association Friends of Laura at the publishing censored by the copyright holder. This work has resulted in many editions both in France and abroad.
  • 1968. Defense of Malian workers.
  • 1968 Co-founder of the Committee of functioning of the Union of Writers.

Awards and various aid

  • 1984. Chevalier des Arts et Lettres.
  • 1982. Associate of the Society of Men of Letters.
  • 1981. Grant for Creative Writing.
  • 1966. Grant from the Caisse Nationale des Lettres.
  • 1965. Invited by Henry Kissinger at the International Seminar, Harvard University (USA).


  • Doctor of State (1981). From the Latin calligraphy (jury chaired by Mr Le Bot with Julia Kristeva, MM. Lascault Gilbert, Jean Laude, Barnard and Louis Marin Teysèdre).
  • Graduate School Estienne (1946/47)
  • Licensed in Aesthetics (1946), Sorbonne University

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  1. Jane Rather ThiebaudDecember 24, 2010, 6:39 pm

    Bonjour Jerome,

    Les Nuits Magnetiques qui commencent demain m’ont amenes a vous (grace a l’ordinateur),Jerome Peignot, et a votre site. Bravo. Vous m’inspirez beaucoup. Joyeux Fetes…Bonne Annee 2011.

    Bonne continuation, Jane

  2. Sébastien HayezDecember 30, 2010, 11:08 am

    Bonjour Jane,
    maheureusement Jerome Peignot ne collabore pas à ce site. J’ai seulement chroniqué un de ses ouvrages.
    Je vosu conseille de lui écrire directement, son e-mail est sur son site :

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