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Times (it or IT)

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International Times (it or IT) is an underground newspaper founded in London in 1966 and relaunched as a web journal in 2011. Editors included Hoppy, David Mairowitz, Peter Stansill,Barry Miles, Jim Haynes and playwright Tom McGrath. Jack Moore, avant-garde writer William Levy and Mick Farren, singer of The Deviants, also edited at various periods. The current editorial team include Mike Lesser, Niall McDevitt, Robert Tascher, Heathcote Williams, Iphgenia Baal, Elena Caldera, Claire Palmer, Nick Victor, Dave Cooper, Helen Moore and others.

Within a short time of the first issue, the name International Times was changed to IT after litigation threats from The Times of London. The paper’s logo was a black-and-white image of Theda Bara, vampish star of silent films. The founders’ intention had been to use an image of actress Clara Bow, 1920s It girl, but a picture of Theda Bara was used by accident and, once deployed, not changed. Paul McCartney donated to the paper as did Allen Ginsberg through his Committee on Poetry foundation.

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