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Igildo G. Biesele (1930-?)

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Born in Basle, 28 december 1930.

  • Attented preliminary course & full course in Graphics at the Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Arts & Crafts) in Basle, followed by Scholarship for further profesionnal training at the Ecole de Paul Colin, Paris.
  • Three years activity on Marshall Plan projects in Paris.
  • 1953-59: Freelance artist in the graphic studio of the J.R. Geigy company, Basle: productive participation in the creation of the company’s internationnalt known house style. Working & study visit to New York, USA, sponsored by the company.
  • 1960: Opened his own studio in collaboration with his wife Renate van Oyen. Application of a clear functional style to applied graphics. In addition to his wide-ranging studio work, has taught at a nmber of schools:
    • 1962-64: Kunstgewerbeschule Biel/Bienne
    • 1967-68:  Visiting professor for Graphic Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India.
    • Since 1962: at the Kunstgerwerbeschule Basle.
  • Designed & published a graphic protfolio 1976: ten variations on the theme “Homage to Lionel Hampton”.
  • 1977: First book Graphic Design International, ABC Verlag.
  • Since 1972: independant artistic work on image variations of an experimental type.
  • 1981: Second book Graphic Design Education, ABC Verlag.
  • 1986: Third book Experiment Design, ABC Verlag.
Some of his works can be found here. If you have any informations about Igildo Biesele, please send a message.


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