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Idea –
New Designers in New-York (1968)

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Idea Extra issue on “New Designers in New-York” (August 1968)

Art editor: Midori Imatake (M.I.C. Co.Ltd.)
Layout: Yayoi Takada (M.I.C. Co.Ltd.)

22.3 x 29.3 cm
178 pages in B&W and many in full colors

Written in Japanese & English (few texts)


  • Bernie Zlotnick
  • Ken Korsh
  • Ralph Grigg
  • Warrenn Margulies
  • Stuart Silver
  • Leora Motta Sies
  • William J. Cannan
  • Robert Banks
  • Peter McGuggart
  • Lowell Bodger
  • Kei Kubo
  • Patrick V. Norado
  • Michael A. Ende
  • Gary L. Kollberg
  • Richard Baxter
  • Kiyoshi Kanai
  • John Fraioli
  • William K. Wurtzel
  • Joseph Del Gaudio
  • Robert Reitzfeld
  • Tony Rosiello
  • Don Lawson

I’m selling this book at 75€. A rare opportunity to read one of the first extra issue of Idea, a legendary japanese magazine. Get in touch with a comment on this post or via the contact form.

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