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Graphis Annual 1952-53 (Amstutz & Herdeg – Graphis Press)

Written by Sébastien Hayez, 6 years ago, 3 Comments
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Graphis Annual 1952-1953
Amstutz & Herdeg
Graphis Press

9.5 x 12
202 pages
202 pages and 753 examples (34 in color)
Dust jacket

Graphis press was in 1952 a quite young publisher. Created in 1944, they published mostly a quaterly magazine, Graphis, written in 3 languages (german, english and french) and was a sucess still growing. They decided to published a compedium of the best works of the year from the best creatives (graphic design, illustration, advertising, photography, etc.), Graphis Annual was born.


  • 159 Posters
  • 103 Booklets
  • 100 Folders
  • 117 Advertisements
  • 29 Trade marks
  • 49 Packagings
  • 15 Calendars
  • 21 Record covers
  • 67 Book jackets
  • 44 Magazine covers
  • 49 Miscellaneous

Designers represented in this volume were the leading practitioners of modern graphic design, and include: Richard Avedon, Saul Bass, Herbert Bayer, Lester Beall, Joseph Binder, Alexey Brodovitch, Jan Bons, Will Burtin, Erberto Carboni, Jean Carlu, Thomas Eckersley, Hans Erni, George Giusti, Franco Grignani, Armin Hoffmann, Rudolph de Harak, Gyorgy Kepes, Ray Komai, Raymond Loewy, Alvin Lustig, Jan Lenica, Josef Muller- Brockmann, Hans Moller, jacques Nathan, Irving Penn, Giovanni Pintori, Paul Rand, Herbert Spencer, Ladislav Sutnar, Jan Tschichold, Andy Warhol, and many, many more.

Text by Modernism 101

This first issue put the basis of all the forthcoming annual till 1986 (when Martin B. Petersen become the new owner).

The prices are between 15 to 120 euros, but copies can be easily found at this time. You can send a message if you want some informations.

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  1. rusttyOctober 20, 2012, 11:11 pm

    Hi, are any graphis issues(annuals/reg.issues) on sale currently, including this one?

  2. Annie HunteMay 23, 2013, 3:46 pm

    I have 10 issues of Graphis magazine Nos: 167, 171, 172, 173, 175, 176, 179, 184, 186, 187. Also, 2 Graphis annuals Dates: 1970/71 and 1971/72.

    Are these worth selling? Please advise.


    Annie Hunte

  3. Sébastien HayezJune 4, 2013, 8:56 pm

    Graphis issues can be found around 10 to 30 US$, the annuals from this period are very popular and are around 20-40 US$.
    Let me know if you want to sell it and I can add a post in the “bookstore” section with your contact.

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