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Graphis #26, advertising from the 1940’s

Written by Sébastien Hayez, 5 years ago, 0 Comments
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Graphis # 26
Walter Herdeg & Walter Amstutz

I’m back with a retrographis post. I know that it’s not a huge update but more contents is coming soon. Graphis as most of the profesionnal magazines in the field of graphic design and printing industry deals with advertising. Ads for the pro, made by the best designers. Even if the beginning of the 1950’s was not the best era (war was quite close), it was an interesting point: where the traditionnal art pratice was turning into a profund pratice of communication, design and the beginning of the modern style as we know it.

So, here’s a short selection of what can be seen in this issues of Graphis:

Detail of the previous advert: the picture is only made of a single spiral. The halftone sare produced by a bolder line.

This advert is signed by Pierre Monnerat, Jelmoli’s ads were signed, in the late 1950’s by Joseph Muller-Brockmann in a semi-abstract cartoon style (close to Saul Steinberg in a way) before he turn completly swiss-style.

Right, an advertising for a fontface designed by swiss design Walter Diethelm. He’s also the author of 3 excellents books published by ABC Verlag during the 1960’s.

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