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Graphis 26 (1949)

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Issue 26

102 Rouault: Miserere (Jacques Lassaigne)
112 Saul Steinberg. (Hans Naef)
122 London Transport. A Poster Tradition
128 The Church of Assy (F. Stahly)
134 Advertising Radio – Radio Advertising (L. Fritz Gruber)
148 George Giusti. (Georgine Oeri)
154 Fritz Buhler (Walter Stahelin)
162 Cecilia Staples. Window Displays (USA) (William B. McDonald)
168 Tarots Packs (Pierre Louis Duchartre)
174 Modern Packs and Playing-Card Tradition (F. Stahly)
180 Salon de l’Imagerie Francaise.Beauty in Utility ( Paul Lavalley)
188 Czech Posters (Georgine Oeri)
208 Book Review
209 Bucherchronik: Verschiedenes


The fifty-eight plates (25,5 x 20 in.) by Rouault wich are collected, under the title of Miserere, in this monumental work were called forth by the impact on the artist of the first World War and were commisionned by that unique promoter of the arts, Ambroise Volard, in 1922-1927. Rouault’s original composition in chinese ink were first chemically transferred to copperplates. As the results did not satisfy him, Rouault worked over every plate himslef with a combined aquatint and etching technique. The work was then printed in 500 copies, but was not published. It appearded only in December 1948, after Vollard’s death, brought out by L’étoile filante in an impression limited to 425 copies and sold by the Galeries des Garets, Paris.


Saul Steinberg, the author of All in line, a book of 200 drawings published by Duell, Sloane & Pearce, NY 1945, was born near Bucharest in 1914 and began bis career as a student in sociology and psychology at the University there. From 1932 to 1941 he lived in Milan and whilst there obtained his degree in architecture. He joined the staff of The New Yorker in 1941 and moved to the USA the following year. During the war Steinberg served in the US navy in China, India, North Africa & Italy. Today he lives in New York but travels to Europe every year to study.

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