Graphis #100 The Sun in Art

Graphis magazine issue 100

The Sun in Art
Walter Herdeg (editor)
Graphis Press
1962 (softcover), 1971 (hardcover)
Hardcover & soft cover (softcover as a classic issue, hardcover as a reprint)
156 pages
11.9 x 9.1 x 0.6 inches
English, german, french 

This book was based on the 100th issue of the renown magazine Graphis. Well illustrated with 100s of pictures, some color, with inserts on Japanese and handmade paper. It features images of the sun from widely diverse sources: alchemy, ancient carvings, Christian symbols, sundials, jewelry, pottery, tapestry, tarot cards, book illustrations. Asia, Europe and the New World are all well represented in this fine work.

This book could be considered in many different way. It’s at first a personnal passion for Herdeg to the visual representation of the Sun. But for me, it’s a pure graphic design erxercice: how could we represent something that we can’t look at? Child are drawing a yellow circle, other cultures have differents codes, etc. So giving a shape to the sun is both a style exercice (as the form is the unique vehicle for communication) and also a personnal way of traducing the vision of something impossible to see directly. If you are looking to expand on your graphic design degree there are many options available online.

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Most of the pictures are available via Peter Gabor here:

Thanks to Jean Mulatier for giving me this book during many months.

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