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Graphic design magazine(1959-1986, Japan)

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Graphic design
29.21 x 26.04 cm
Published by Geibi-Shuppan-Sha, Tokyo, Japan
Edited by Masaru Katsumie
Approximately80 pages per volumes

Text in Japanese with translation to English at end of every volume.

Our good friends of This is display, have uploaded 3 greats covers from their collection of Graphic Design magazines.

I’ve found very few informations about the magazine.

Very rare quarterly review for graphic design and art direction, “promoting Japanese and Western designers, placing emphasis on work with a more constructed approach”.
Its editor, Masaru Katsumie, was an influential critic and contributor to the development of Japanese graphic design.
These fantastic magazines are richely illustrated in b&w and colour, showing Japanese and Western design in all forms and materials, here presented with photographs, drawings, illustrations, pages with various samples of paper and plastic materials, printed in gravure, lithography, photolithography, etc.

After a quick search, I’ve found a pack of 9 issues (#6-7-8-9-10-11-12-14-15) for 1100 €.
You can send a message if you want more information about this magazine.

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