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Graphic design eductation (Igildo G. Biesele, ABC Verlag, 1981)

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Graphic Design International: Creative Work of Selected Colleges of Design from 12 Countries
Igildo G. Biesele

Text in German, French, and English.
25 x 25,5 cm
192 pages





Igildo Biesele is the author of 3 books published by ABC Verlag. 

  • 1977: Graphic Design International
  • 1981: Graphic Design Education
  • 1986: Experiment Design

The book gives a wide view of present-day trends in design education by presenting individual courses of special interest from a variety of schools & departments. In its lively survey of a varied field, one of the subjects documented is that of interdisciplinary team-work, aimed at a better understanding of technics & media in relation to the environment. Well-known teachers & pratising designers from many countries show how much the design profession is a synthesis of different activities  and what intelectual & artistic demands are continuelly associated with the process of combining these ressources. The book offers a wealth of creative and artistic ideas & insights to everyone working in the field of visual communications & the associated branches of education.


  • Foreword
    • Computer graphics
      University of Munich
      Federal Republic of Germany
      Prof. : Reiner Schneeberger
      Lecturer in computer graphics
  • Graphic design
    • College of Applied Art
      Prague, Czechoslovakia
      Applied Graphics
      Prof. : Eugen Weidlich
    • College of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd
      Federal Republic of Germany
      Visual Design Department
      Visiting Teacher: Wolfgang Schmittel
    • College of Graphic Design
      Paris, France
      Graphic Art
      Prof. : Roman Cieslewicz
    • School of Design
      Basle, Switzrland
      • Graphic II (information graphics)
        Prof. : Igildo G. Biesele
      • Graphic Exercices
        Prof. : Igildo G. Biesele
    • School of Design
      Zürich, Switzerland
      Prof. : Ernst Hiestand
    • London College of Printing
      London, Great Britain
      Media Production Design
      Prof. : FHK Henrion
    • Philadelphia College Art
      Philadelphia, United States of America
      Communication Design
      Instructor: Hans-U. Allemann
    • Polytechnic of Design
      Milan, Italy
      Visual Design. Prof. : Walter Ballmer, Gerhard Forster, Heinz Waibl
  • Illustration
    • School of Design
      Lucerne, Switzerland
      Prof. : Werner Andermatt, Godi Hofmann, Hans Rudolf <lutz, Jacques Plancherel
    • College of Graphic Design
      Paris, France
      Prof. : Jean-Pierre Alric
  • Letterform design
    • School of Design
      Basle, Switzerland
      Letterform design
      Prof. : André Gürtler, Chr. Mengelt
  • Photography
    • Bielefeld College of Design
      Federal Republic of Germany
      Ohotography / Film Design
      Prof.: Jörg Boström, Karl Martin, Holzhäuser, Diether Holland, Gottfried Jäger
    •  Southeastern Massachusetts University
      College of Visual & Performing Arts
      North Darthmouth, USA
      Prof.: Harold Pattek
  • Typography
    • College of Graphic Design
      Paris, France
      Prof. : Paul Gabor
    • Cranbrook Academy of Art
      Michigan, USA
      Project in recycled media
      Prof. : Katherine McCoy


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More than 24 copies can be easily found, prices are between 38 to 140 euros. Send a message if you want more information about this book.

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  1. Peter SousaSeptember 30, 2011, 11:05 pm

    As a Graphic Designer, I really Enjoyed this…
    Thanks from slow

  2. Stefan KriklNovember 17, 2011, 9:58 am

    fascinating material; brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. DanieleJuly 4, 2013, 7:56 pm

    Is there a chance to get the all book scanned?
    For great cultural justice.

  4. Sébastien HayezJuly 9, 2013, 6:42 pm

    Unfortunately no. And even if it could be available some copies are still on the market circa very good price.

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