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Graphic art of
a Swiss town (Tschanen & Bangerter, 1963)

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Written by Sébastien Hayez, 4 years ago, 0 Comments

Grafik einer Schweizer Stadt
Arts graphiques d’une ville suisse
Graphic art of a Swiss town

Armin Tschanen & Walter Bangerter
Graphic design: Walter Bangerter
ABC Verlag, Zurich

Text in german, french & english.
25 x 25,5 cm
130 pages
Printed in black and white with some colored pages.


  1. Preface
  2. Insertion
  3. Municipal authority
  4. School of Applied Arts
  5. Museum of Applied Arts
  6. Theatre
  7. Opera House
  8. Concert Hall
  9. Museum of Fine Arts
  10. Official Tourist Office
  11. Contents
  12. Designers

First opus of this collection by swiss printer & publisher ABC druckerei+verlags.
In 1963, the swiss graphic style was at its zenith but remains no so popular around the world, even if the most popular graphic designer like Muller-Brockmann, Ruder or Hofmann were concidered like great authors.



The layout is based into a 4 columns grid: 3 columns for each language and 1 for animating the layout.



The first chapters, are build on a large column, offering a quiet rythm that we never see again in the collection.


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