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Fronzoni (Aichner
& Kuchenbeiser, Lars Müller, 1998)

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Written by Sébastien Hayez, 4 years ago, 2 Comments

AG Fronzoni – They thought I was crazy, but they went along with it

Christian Aichner & Bernd Kuchenbeiser
Lars Müller & Papierfabrik Salach GmbH
56 pages
17.7 x 27.5 cm
Printed on  Salapexx 150 g/m², cover on 250 g/m²
Composed on Neuzeit Grotesk S & Helvetica 85 (text) 

The book is composed of Fronzoni’s quotes and archives of his work.
First: Fronzoni never write a single line about his work, his teaching or about him.
The speaking voice is the only thing that can be left in the memory of his family, friends and students.

His work is composed of:
Architecture, mostly interior architecture.
Industrial design: chair & bed

Both traduce a clear determination of creating the essential to communicate in a democratic and respectfull way. If minimalism can be the first word to explain Fronzoni’s way of designing, It can’t be his way of thinking. Close to the Humanism of the italian Renaissance in his european roots, Fronzoni is a also a modernist that doesn’t need to accept industrialization or excess.

For designers & architects who want to discover the work of AG Fronzoni, this books, now out of order, is still one of the best publication.

Click on the thumbnails to view full size.

The book is sold out and no reprints are scheduled. Few copies can be found, like this one or try directly with Bernd Kuchenbeiser.

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