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form Magazine (1957-)

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The history of form magazine

1957 – Jupp Ernst, Director of the Werkkunstschule in Kassel, museum directors Willem Sandberg and Curt Schweicher, and former member of the Bauhaus Wilhelm Wagenfeld found form magazine. Friedrich Middelhauve brings out the “International Revue“ as the form’s subtitle then read, in his Westdeutscher Verlag publishing company, based in Opladen. form started out as a wide-ranging cultural magazine: A pencil drawing by Le Corbusiers and a photo of a Rietveld chair adorned the cover of the first edition. The layout was devised by the Müller/ Blasé studio, and graphic artist Karl Oskar Blase designed almost all the covers through 1968. The magazine came out on a quarterly basis and focused on topics relating to art, architecture and industrial design. Ballet and album reviews were just as much at home in it as were poetry and design manifestoes.

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