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form + communication (Walter Diethelm, ABC Verlag, 1974)

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Form + communication
Walter Diethelm
ABC Verlag

The perfect visualization, now & in the future, is a main desire of all graphic designers. in the book “Signet Signal Symbol”, wich was published in 1970 (second edition in 1972), Walter Diethelm gave a survey of signs of the last 50 years. Proceeding from shape elements, the raw material of creative experimenters, the following book ranges from methods of training to semantics in its various forms. There are indications of sign systems, experiments using letters, pictographsn symbols, film, television and computer designing giving exhaustive information on new methods of making international communiocation possible.

  1. Introduction
  • The starting point
  1. Stories with point
  2. Experiments with lines
  3. From the lines to the surface
  4. Repetition and turning
  5. New picture effects within a series
  6. Experiments with arcs
  7. Examples from pratice
  8. Regular shapes: circle, oval, square, hexagon
  9. The sign in posters
  10. Free lines and shapes: visualized symbolism
  11. Aesthetic signalisation, signs
  12. Development of signalisation for a firm: Renault Works
  13. World Ski Chamionships St. Moritz 1974

  • Sign systems and system signs
  1. “Quadradius”, the alphabet of a graphic language
  2. “Square Variables”, Graphic representation of a positive-negative complex
  3. Example for a linear matrix
  4. “Combino” cube system
  5. Visual experiments with tiles
  6. System signs, two examples from pratice
  7. Rudiments of writing, rock pictures, red indian, African and Eskimo signs
  8. Writing from all over the world
  9. “Semantography”, Charles K. Bliss, Australia
  10. identification of sign of a publisher’ series
  11. Counting on fingers
  12. Combination of letters and numeral
  13. From verbal symbol to icon
  14. Semantic double effect, sign alphabet from A to Z
  15. Sign for Arosa
  16. Saul Steinberg visualizes a slogan
  17. Three letters for the London Electricity Board
  18. Monograms
  19. Development of the Olivetti logotype
  20. Logotypes

  • Overcoming the sign babel
  1. Without words
  2. Orientation signs in a school
  3. Basic informative signs for public buildings
  4. Pictographs in a museum
  5. Signs for tourism
  6. Orientation in a shopping-centre
  7. Airport pictographs (Japan)
  8. PTT departments, Switzerland
  9. Signalisation of groups of products, example: Krupp
  10. Eye-catching and indication signs
  11. Sign system for a sound apparatus
  12. Touristic sign system
  13. Orientation aids for a hotel
  14. Signs for classicification
  15. Picture + sign = statement, poster
  16. Hobo signs, the sign language of tramps
  17. identity symbol for printed matter
  18. Uniform badges of the Swiss Army
  19. “Insight”, a new game with symbols

  • Advances in new dimensions
  1. Illusions of movement
  2. Optical games with circles and hexagons
  3. Rotation, radiation, stars
  4. Motifs of development
  5. Dynamics of arrowd
  6. Film studies, experiments with signs & letters
  7. Gestures as a means of communication
  8. Sign of the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation NHK
  9. Colour television, CBC Radio, Canada
  10. Computer graphic design and computer film variations in form
  11. Examples from Contraves, IBM, Siemens
  12. Stamps as securities
  13. “Olympiade” a film from the Bell Laboratories
  14. Sections from computer-produced graphic designs and films

  • Terminology
  • Index of names

Antonio Carusone Flickr
Peter Gabor’s blog (complete book)

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