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Mourier (1939-)

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Eric Mourier, born in 1939, is a danish graphic designer. Eric Mourier was a skilled lithographer in 1961 from the Graphic Arts Institute (from 2008 renamed Danish School of Media & Journalism), specializing in graphic design. He then taught at the Graphic School between 1966 to 1981 and had since his own studio together with his wife Mette Mourier.

Together they produce some of the best Danish book design. Loyal to the tasks they represent the classic design at its best. Specialties range from the truly great illustration works for tiny stamps for Post Denmark.

Developments in graphic technology from offset to digital printing, they have followed through with planned educational teaching aids such as books From idea to printing (1977), Style and layout of the screen (1989) and Bookish Design (1999).

Together with his wife, Eric Mourier have been awarded the Knud V. Engelhardt ‘s Memorial Award in 1999 and has received Honorary Society for History of the Book Price in 2001.

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