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Drawing a creative
process (Kurt Wirth, ABC Verlag, Zurich)

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Drawing, a creative process
Kurt Wirth
ABC Verlag, Zurich

Text in German, French, and English.
25 x 25,5 cm
Hardcover, with dustjacket
168 pages

Evreybody have a style, like a signature. the line express a character.

In 1976, nine year after the publication by Niggli of Drawing, when, how, Wirth continue the development of his philosophy with another book published by Zurich based publisher ABC Verlag. This opus is not a manual for young illustrator. No tricks, no rule, just a compendium of various examples able to show that the hand and the brain are connected more than what swiss graphic masters use to believe. That objectivity is not a realistic graal and that illustration can be happilly mixed with other graphic style without loosing it soul.

A pictorial idea, a conception, often begins with a drawing. Whatever means of design are used in the final version, its is generally written shapes that make a vision perceptible, i.e. viszualisation. Drawing is a special form of writing. The drawing shows the essential factors of an idea, making it clkear and legible. This book is a practical aid for the designer. It is a reference book that is concerned with drawing as a means of designing. It can help the advertising manager, the text-writer and also the client to widen their conceptions of visual communication. 

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