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De Stijl (Edited by Theo van Doesburg, 1917-1932)

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De Stijl (magazine)
Edited by Theo van Doesburg
28,5 x 21,5 cm

I won’t try to describe what was De Stijl and what theese magazines were, a list of links will end this entry better than I can describe.

But for designers & others who want to have a better idea, we can say that De Stijl, is probably one of the first avant-garde movement wich realized a synthesis of many arts. And for the graphic design part, it’s with russian constructivism, the father of Bauhaus, Purism & Swiss style (International Style): the first modernist movement.

Each issue is composed by letterpress and printed on 10-12 light pages. All the issues (1917-1932) represents more than 1299 pages, more than 5 kg.

What can be amazing now, is that this magazine is mainly about concept, ideas and words. Few pictures are reproduced, maybe 3-4 per issues. So at this time, artists were not involved in “style” but in concept of design, as the name of this movement doesn’t describe.

For the few ones who can buy somes issues, it’s very rare to find one. The last one published in 1932 cost 2200 euros (this single issue). You can always ask me the name of the bookseller. An for the others, a reprint was released in 1968 by A’dam, Polak & v.Gennep, this book is quite rare and hard to find (prices are between 168 to 425 euros).

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