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Corporate Design Programs (Olle Eksell – 1967)

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Corporate Design Programs

Olle Eksell
Published by Studio Vista
96 pages
Written in English
ISBN-10: 0289370159
ISBN-13: 978-0289370155
7.8 x 6.3 inches

“Good design is not just aesthetic – it is also good economy. Good design is not just fun – it is bloody serious.”
Olle Eksell

Olle Eskell (1918-2007) was an internationally recognized graphic designer, illustrator, textile designer, art director and author. He is best remembered for the now classic two eyes logo created for Swedish cocoa manufacturer Mazetti Ögon Cacao. His corporate identity program for the firm became so popular that it is said to have increased sales for them. Eskell’s innovative work occasions references to him as “the Swedish Paul Rand”. He and Rand met after WWII in the U.S. and in fact the two colleagues became life-long friends, often visiting each other to share ideas, projects and exchange thoughts on the design process. Certainly they both infused many of their innovative design works with an impish sense of whimsy and to great visual effect.

Though physically small, this title is a comprehensive powerhouse of invaluable information for the designer, succinctly laid out with numerous clear diagrammatic examples accompanying the author’s text. From the inside cover: “The basic principles outlined can be applied to any design program, whether industrial, architectural, transport or graphic.”

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