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les Libraires Associés

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Chez les Libraires Associés / La boutique du livre animé

3 rue Pierre l’Ermite
75018, Paris, France

+33 (0)1 42 57 20 24


No window, not even a name, just a bell that says BOOKSTORE.

Then the door opens and bang, zoom, let’s go-go, you’re in the temple of the collectible books.












This place is actually the HQ of three welcoming men Jacques Desse, Alban Caussé and Thibaut Brunessaux, whose passion for books brought this place to life a few years ago.

Not only is it a place where you can find the most beautiful rare and out of print books, but they also have a special corner with pop-up books from all places and times.

You’ll also notice a table with books they helped republish (André Hellé superstar) and nice theme-based catalogues for collectors (you know who you are).

This place is also the home for an annual pop-up fest called Salon du Livre Animé, now at its third year, and the basement is a large room where exhibitions regulary take place.

Definitely the bookstore you’ll visit the next time you’ll be in Paris!

Please enjoy these pictures and check the links to their precious blogs at the end of the post.















































































































































































































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