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Broom (H.
Loeb & A. Kreymborg, 1921-1924)

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Broom: An International Magazine of the Arts
16 volumes
November 1921 – January 1923

Broom, along with other periodicals of its era, was instrumental in introducing Americans to European avant-garde art through works by such artists as André Derain, Juan Gris, and George Grosz. Original cover designs by Fernand Léger, El Lissitsky, and Man Ray; woodcuts by Adnre Derain etc, reproductions of drawings by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Amedeo Modigliani; photographs by László Moholy-Nagy and Paul Strand; poems by E.E. Cummings, Gertrude Stein.Broom set up headquarters in Rome, where its first ten issues were printed.

After the first year of publication, Alfred Kreymborg left, and Harold Loeb moved Broom’s headquarters from Rome to Berlin, where he published six more issues before his money ran out. Broom’s Associate Editor, Matthew Josephson, took over the funding and moved Broom’s headquarters to New York, where he published five issues, the last of which was banned by U.S. postal censors. Broom: These last five issued are not included in the auction.

Loeb later claimed he no longer remembered why he choose the name Broom, but they had gone through a list of one-syllable words and “broom” was the only one left. Ostensibly, the title of the magazine coalesced with the stated focus in the first issue, publishing “the unknown, path-breaking artist”, allowing the new artist the opportunity to sweep away the old.


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More informations by Wikipedia. This magazine remains for me a mystery, very few informations can be found (the wikipedia page is the best ressource), even the reprints or the anthology are hard to find.

Vol. 1, issue 2 : original two colour woodcut by Enrico Prampolini, december 1921

Vol. 1, issue 3 : original two colour woodcut by Fernand Leger, january 1922

Vol. 1, issue 4: illustration by Gordon Craig, 1922

The broom Anthology: hardcover book with 400 pages, published by Milford House in 1969.

 Click on the thumbnails to view full size.

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