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Book sourcing

Book sourcing
At the end of every post, we try to tell you how many copies are avaiable through our network and an idea of price.
If you are interested in, just send an e-mail with the references and your country or add a comment with your e-mail (private data). A taxe can be asked when the books are quite hard to find or when copies are rare. We can ask a small percentage of the final price or just a donation (money, gift, font, etc. but books are welcome…). If you are ok with the taxe, we’ll give you complete informations: link and contact to the bookseller.

If there’s no copy avaiable, you can ask to do a survey for you. No garanty is possible: looking for Publicity and graphic design in the chemical industry by Hans Neuburg is a complexe exercice, even if I found 2 copies, it’s quite hard to hunt an endangered animal.

We don’t want to sell books directly: it’s not our job and we prefer looking for books than looking for clients. Sometime we can directly sell items, mainly because our bookshelves are nearly empty.

We can also help you selling your books for the right price. We just ask high size pictures of the cover and inner pages, with all the details about the state or any further informations. A scale of actual prices is given. If the book is interesting (and never appear in designers-books) we could do an entry on the site and do a link between you and our readers. A small taxe could be asked if we have to do some important searches.

You are a bookseller, organisation, library, etc. and you are looking for rare items: ask us a special service. We also love to have access to your catalogue.

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You are publishing limited edition, handmade books, artist books and want to share your work? Just send high-size pictures (cover and inner pages) with informations, or just send us a copy of the book, send an e-mail. We are in USA, UK, Germany and France.