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Bernd Kuchenbeiser

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Bernd Kuchenbeiser is a german graphic designer and author. I know him since a week or two, I was hunting one of his book since many years. Sold out, no copy on second-hand bookstore, nothing on the web, not sure it was a great success as it was not a book about a famous graphic designer. Anyway I decide to find the author. Now, I received this book swapped with a magazine.

Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser, founded by Bernd Kuchenbeiser, designer (post-graduate) and author, born 1969 in Heidelberg. He studied music and communication design in Heidelberg and Stuttgart.

Since 1996, he has run his own independent design studio in Munich. Has created works for well-known corporations and publishing houses as well as public institutions, among them ECM Records, Lars Müller Publishers, Goethe Institute and the award-winning German architectural magazine “Baumeister”.

In 2004 he won Europe’s most prestigious design competition, The “Kieler Woche” design competition. His work has received numerous awards, among them, multiple red dot awards in communication design and numerous “Best German Book Design” awards.

Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser’s designs are shown in many international exhibitions, most recently, by the German Design Council to represent leading-edge communication design from Germany in the traveling exhibition “Dimension der Fläche”, touring worldwide until 2013. Since 2001 he has lectured on typography at universities in Germany and abroad.

Bernd mainly design books and posters for cultural events.

And sometime, music packaging, like this one for ECM Rercords (needs to review the Sleeves of Desire book…).

Behind this poster, a selection of Bernd’s bookshelves. You can see some of the rarest swiss book, like the Neue Graphik (by Gerstner & Kutter), Schrift nach Europa (same authors), a first edition of Typographie (Emil Ruder), and maybe more with a good view.

All these pictures are coming from his facebook page.
These two ones, comes from his website.

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