Bauen+Wohnen (Richard Paul Lohse, 1952-1955)

Bauen+Wohnen / Building+Home / Construction+Habitation
Zurich Bauen + Wohnen GmbH.
printed by R. Oldenbourg, graphische betriebe g.m.b.h., münchen
size: 33 x 24 cm
designed by Richard Paul Lohse

Extensive survey of world wide homes by many international architects e.g. Gropius, Breuer, Rietveld, Ain, Stubbins, etc. Illustrated by many photos, plans & sections.
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richard paul lohse (1902-1988) worked as an editor and designer for the swiss architectural magazine “bauen+wohnen / building+home / construction+habitation” in the years 1947-1956. starting in 1952 a special version for germany was launched – here we have the first 12 issues. note the changing colours, and the standardised cover photo placement after issue 4.

After a very quick search, I found various issues, from 3.50 € (1 issue from 1975) to 1100 € (Vols. 7-21 _1952-1966; 29-36_1974-1981)
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