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Basic Typography (Rüedi
Ruegg & Godi Fröhlich, ABC verlag – 1972)

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Basic Typography
Rüedi Ruegg &
Godi Fröhlich
ABC Verlag

Text in German, French, and English.
10.25 x 10 hardcover book with dustjacket

Introduction by Joseph Müller-Brockmann
Craft & Art by Paul Rand

Table of content

Typographic measurement systems

Production techniques
Hand composition
Linotype / Intertype
Cold type composition
Photocomposition machines for headline setting and job work
photo typesetting
Automation in composition

Typographic elements
The signle letter
The word
The line
The column

Formal aspects
Black & grey
Possibilities of designing an advertisment
The typographic grid

Working principles
Course of a typographic work
Preparation of the copy
Typographic matrix

Applied typography
Books, magazines, brochures
Packaging, labels
Business stationary
Corporate identity by typography

Development of type forms

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7 copies could be found, prices are between 30 euros to 188 US$. You can send a message if you want some informations.

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