Avalanche (1970-1976)

Edited by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Bear

New York
Kineticism Press
Quaterly periodical
wrappers 24 x 23.5 cm

Willoughby Sharp and Liza Bear founded Avalanche shortly after they met in 1968. At the time, Sharp was a New York-based independent curator and Bear an undergrocollaborated on 13 issues from 1970 to 1976. Avalanche focused on art from the perspective of artists rather than critics, and investigated new forms of art that were developing in the U.S. and Europe with probing interviews, extensive use of photography and dynamic layouts. For many artists, publication in Avalanche preceded a one-person gallery or museum show. Aside from an eight-page news section, the editorial content included only interviews, artists’ texts and documents of art and art making. All interviews were conducted by Sharp, Bear or done jointly. Among the featured artists were Vito Acconci, Joseph Beuys, Hanne Darboven, Walter De Maria, Jan Dibbets, Philip Glass, Barry Le Va, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Gordon Matta-Clark, Bruce Nauman, Dennis Oppenheim, Yvonne Rainer, Keith Sonnier, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson, William Wegman, Lawrence Weiner and Jackie Winsor. This boxed facsimile edition ofAvalanche’s complete run reproduces the first eight issues individually, and the final five in a single newsprint paperback.

Avalanche, Fall 1970, Number 1
Willoughby Sharp, Elizabeth Béar, Joseph Beuys, Carl Andre, Jan Dibbets, Richard Long, Robert Morris, Shunk-Kender, Robert Smithson , Michael Heizer, Dennis Oppenheim
Featuring Josph Beuys as cover-boy. Contents: “Interviews: Carl Andre”; “Interviews: Jan Dibbets”; “Retrospective: Richard Long”; “Pace and Process”; “Portrait: Joseph Beuys”; “Body Works”; “Museums: MOCA, San Francisco” “Galleries: Reese Palley, San Francisco”and “Discussions with Heizer, Oppenheim, Smithson” Edited by Liza Bear, published by Willoughby Sharp, designed by Boris Wall Gruphy (an annogram of Willoughby Sharp).

Avalanche, Winter 1971, Number Two
Sharp , Willoughby & Elizabeth Bear (ed. by)

Avalanche, Fall 1971, Number Three
Sharp, Willoughby; Bear, Liza (ed.); Beckley, Bill; Fisher, Joel; Morris, Robert; Scanga, Italo; et al

Avalanche, Spring 1972, Number Four
Sharp, Willoughby; Bear, Liza (ed.); Winsor, Jackie; LeWitt, Sol; Fried, Howard; Aycock, Alice; Brouwn, Stanley; Walther, Franz; Darboven, Hanne; De Maria, Walter

Avalanche, Summer 1972, Number Five
Sharp, Willoughby; Bear, Liza (ed.); Dimitrijevic, Braco; Beuys, Joseph; Kounellis, Jannis; Glass, Phil; Sonnier, Keith; Rainer, Yvonne
featuring Yvonne Rainer as cover-artist. Essays include “Braco Dimitrijevic: Casual Passers-by I Met”; “Direct Demokratie: Joseph Beuys Talking Documenta 5”; “Structure and Sensibility: An Interview with Jannis Kounellis”; “Phil Glass: An Interview in Two Parts”; “Illustrated Time – Proscenium II” by Keith Sonnier “The Performer as Persona: An Interview with Yvonne Rainer”

Avalanche. Fall 1972, Number Six
Bear, Liza & Willoughby Sharp & Vito Acconci
Special issue focusing on the work of Vito Acconci. Includes performance descriptions written by artist and documentary photographs, biography, and bibliography. Interview between the artist and Liza Bear. Sections: “Introduction: Notes on Performing a Space”; “Early Work: Movement Over a Page”; “Early Work: Moving My Body into Place”; “Body as Place – Moving in on Myself, Performing Myself”; “Peopled Space – Performing Myself Though Another Agent”; “Occupied Zone – Moving in, Performing on Another Agent”; “Concentration – Container – Assimilation”; “Power Field – Exchange Points – Transformations”; “Excerpts from Tapes with Liza Bear”; “Biography”; “Bibliography” “Index.”

Avalanche, Winter/Spring 1973, Number Seven
Sharp, Willoughby; Bear, Liza (ed.); General Idea; Schley, Van; Darling, Lowell; Ruscha, Edward; Wegman, William

Cover image – Man Ray by William Wegman. In addition to the “Rumbles” news section and advertisements for virtually every gallery on the planet showing Minimal and/or Conceptual work at the time, it contains transcribed interviews with the artists General Idea, Van Schley, Lowell Darling, Edward Ruscha, and William Wegman.

Avalanche Summer/Fall 1973 – Robert Smithson issue – Number 8
Including an 8 pages magazine sculpture by Gilbert & George.

Complete paperback run of 8 Avalanche magazine along with one newspaper, housed in cardboard box, printed in 2010.

(pictures of the box by http://www.shopstandingup.us)

Some original copies can be found for 80 US$, the complete set is available for 157 US$.
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