Ailleurs & demain (1969- , Robert Laffont)

 Ailleurs & Demain is a French collection of science fiction books, published in large editions by Robert Laffont . It is headed since its inception in 1969 by Gerard Klein. The collection is not numbered, and includes, on the sidelines of the main series, three series: Classic, Testing and The Gap, latter including a single volume.

Until the 1990s , this collection was recognized by its silver or copper roofing, iridescent abstract patterns . Until 2008 , they were replaced by blankets or photo-type design . Since 2009 , it seems that the publisher has recovered to the use of silver-gray blankets , with the exception of series being published.

The graphic design deals with a mix of classic composition (centered) and a modernist use of Helvetica bold. The use of this kind of paper (and design) is not new in the french scene. Prospective 21e siècle, a french collection of vinyl was publishing since 1967 (2 years before Laffont) Musique Concrète, electro-acoustic and electronic music, with the same aesthetic.

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