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On March 5, Angiolo Giuseppe Fronzoni is born in San Mommè, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy.

He has made all his work and his own existence in the name of simplicity and formal geometry as a primary source of inspiration, differentiating and passing the imitation of nature. Intransigent and uncompromising, its strong and original research has involved in all areas of articulating a philosophy of  “minimalist” based on the synthesis and subtraction that is in the phrase of Mies van der Rohe “Less is more” is the starting point of his deeply rationalist thought. Fronzoni for the superfluous, the excess, the redundancy is defined as “waste” is understood in terms of aesthetics, moral and ethical.

Began working in Milan in 1949 . He teaches all ‘ Humanitarian of Milan, Institute of Visual Communication of Milan, Institute of Art (ISA) of Monza and in other schools, to create in 1982 its own “Bottega” in Via Magenta that welcomes students from all over the world.

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Fronzoni is the story of my love with the work & philosophy of an unknow master of minimalist design. Graphic designer, architect, industrial designer and also teacher, he remains for me the man who, during all his life, try to avoid the un-necessary and to keep the nucleus of what is essential. So, he also avoid writing, prefering the voice to teach, and to leave no traceof his name.

I first met his work in 2001 on the french magzine Etapes Graphiques, now simply called Etapes. I read many time this article and found a deep interest in the way of thinking design, more than thinking aesthetic. During all these years, I search in books, magazines and via google all the informations available. Even the most complete books like this one, seems to list Fronzoni among the best designers, but very few informations were available, and his work was a tiny collection of some posters, few design objects and never a single architecture.

A first site appear on the web but remains “work in progress” and never answer to my e-mail. So I decide to get in touch with one of the author of a small monography published by Lars Muller. Bernd Kuchenbeiser reply and we exchange the Etapes Graphiques magazine with a copy of his book. I discover another side of his work & philosophy. Two years ago, I also found a Facebook page with italian pupils of the maestro. I get in touch with the admin, Ester Manito and we exchange some messages. But his work was the same handfull of picture, pictures of words, pictures of signs.

Few months ago, via the traditionnal google search, I’ve found the site, curated by I send some e-mails with links and references to the publications, pictures, etc. As my participation was taking a big part, Maarten decide to include me into the project.

We hope that ag fronzoni’s name, work and philosophy will be recognized.

The post is the first of a serie: 3 publications (booklet & books) will be published during the following week.

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  1. AriannaApril 23, 2014, 8:35 am

    Very inspired thoughts. Love the article and learn a lot of things that we also needs to implement on our life.
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful share….!!!

  2. Marcus GJanuary 25, 2016, 1:26 am

    Hi Sebastien,

    How are you? I would love to find out more about AG Fronzoni publications if you know anywhere i could find out more. Thank you


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