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Created by Sébastien Hayez, with the contributions of Mark Blamire (Blanka), Joe Kral, Jonathan Turner (Insect54), Alastaire Jones, Henning Krause (Berlintypes) & Jaap Proost.

Share rare, old, out of print and limited edition of books and magazines with great graphic design: from Design, Architecture, Art, Science, Novel, Comics, etc.

Why rare books?
It’s a rare content. It’s a vision of a lost period. Cultural interest is high and price can be very low. Books never died.

What about new books?
You can easily see the fresh stuff trough your local bookseller or library. You can easily pick a copy and the price is sure. So many website are talking about it… Let’s do something else, with “hard to find” gems.

Only books?
Yes, but we love books about posters, types, products, etc.

Nope. Great design is timeless. And who can live without web 2.0?