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lesson with AG Fronzoni

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A lezione con A G Fronzoni.
Dalla didattica della progettazione alla didattica di uno stile di vita.


“A lesson with AG Fronzoni. From teaching design to designing lifestyle.”

Ester Manitto

September 2012

Texts by Enrico D.Bona, Marina Cinieri, Ester Manitto, Gabriele Oropallo.

photo by Artiva, Fabrizio Cicconi, Alessandro Fornili, Giuliano Grossi, Armin Linke, Ester Manitto.

“This book is an act of gratitude from a student towards a teacher.
It is also an invitation that inspire others to give their contribution to the reconstruction of the history
of a remarkable experience, relevant from both a human and professional point of view,”
writes Marina Cinieri in the introduction,”Ester Manitto organises and transcribes
a range of materials including notes and loose texts, and thus she allows us to visit A G Fronzoni’s school-workshop,
founded in Milan in 1982 and open until 2001.”

A G Fronzoni was a graphic and product designer and an architect,
whose work had a great influence on Italian and European designers.

The book consists of two parts. The first one includes a dialogue between the author and the design historian Gabriele Oropallo.
It also features a text by Enrico D. Bona, who writes about his recollections of the time when Fronzoni was responsible
for the layout of the Casabella magazine.
The second part is a map of the key terms around which the ideas of the Tuscan designer were organised; this section
is a result of an accurate selection of the notes taken by Ester Manitto while attending the school-workshop and represent
an important document of the intellectual milieu in which Fronzoni’s work emerged.

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curator Emanuele Piccardo

graphic design and art direction by Artiva Design

languages english/italian

translation Andrea Jones

total page Italian text 63

total page english test 63

total page images 24

black and white illustrations

format 22 x 20 cm

isbn code 978-88-95459-10-3 

with the support of Core Manitto Ltd.

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