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A lesson with A G
Fronzoni. From teaching design to designing a lifestyle (2nd edition, 2017)

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A lesson with A G Fronzoni. From teaching design to designing a lifestyle
author: Ester Manitto
publication year: 2017
texts by: Enrico D.Bona, Marina Cinieri, Elena lia Fronzoni, Ester Manitto, Gabriele Oropallo, Claudio Silvestrin.
Photo by: Fabrizio Cicconi, Alessandro Fornili, Giuliano Grossi, Armin Linke, Stefano Malobbia.
curator: Mario Muda
graphic design and art direction by: Artiva Design
languages: Italian & English
translation: Andrea Jones, Francesca Emily Amato
total pages: 144
total page images: 36 black and white illustrations
format: 22 x 20 cm
isbn code: 979-12-200-0934-8
price: € 35.00
_special thanks to: Enrico D Bona, Vinicio Capossela, Marco Ciarlo, Fabrizio Cicconi, Marina Cinieri, Brunetto De Battè, Alessandro Fornili, Elena Fronzoni, Giuliano Grossi, Sébastien Hayez, Armin Linke, Stefano Malobbia, Gabriele Oropallo, Claudio Silvestrin.

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