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The Spirit of
a Trademark (Jens Bernsen, Danish Design Center, 1985)

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 The Spirit of a Trademark
Jens Bernsen
Publisher: Danish Design Center
English & Danish
8.5 x 8 inches
120 pages
ISBN-10: 8787385287

The Spirit of a Trademark was published in 1985. The book itself is a compilation of designs from a competition hosted by the HT, HT stands for Hovedstadsomradets Trafikselskab (The Copenhagen Region Transport Co.) and in cooperation with the Danish Design Council.

The competition was announced in February 1985 and they were 2,222 proposals. The book has many designs in, each with comments from the Jury and details of the designers. This book is a great reference for designing logos and identities, its great to see how one competition had so many different designs entered but all with the two colours yellow and black. Towards the end of the book there’s examples of marketing and stationary design for the competition too.

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